DMLS specifications




Aluminum AlSi10Mg



15-5 material properties

30-35 HRC built 40 HRC

40 HRC Post Hardening

Aluminum die casting

Short production runs


Cobalt Chrome MP1

High Carbon CoCrMo Alloy

30-45 HRC built

Temperature up to 500-600 °C

Corrosion resistance


High-temperature engineering

Medical implants


MaragingSteel MS1





Maraging tool steel

33-37 HRC built

54-57 HRC Post Hardening

Easily machined


Tooling inserts

Die casting


Nickel Alloy IN718

Nickel Based Heat resistant alloy

30 HRC Built

47 HRC Post Hardening

Outstanding corrosion resistance

High performance at temperatures up to 700°C

Aerospace components

Chemical Processing parts


Stainless-steel GP1





Stainless Steel

17-4 Mechanical properties

23.5-42 HRC

Heat treatable


Functional prototypes

Production parts


Titanium Ti64

Ti6Al4V alloy

41-44 HRC Built

ASTM F1472/ ASTM F136-regarding
maximum concentration of impurities

Light weight

Corrosion resistant

Biomedical implants

Aerospace components


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