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Manufacturing (short- to full-production runs)

Made in the USA! RPM's extensive network of manufacturing facilities provides our customers with significant resources and services. Our manufacturing processes include:

Rapid Manufacturing Parts (via DMLS process)
Metal parts are created directly from your CAD data without the need for tooling or patterns. Click here to learn more about materials, characteristics and applications.

Rapid Tooling (via DMLS process)
With its high accuracy and surface quality, this innovative process eliminates tool-path generation and multiple machining processes by creating injection mold tooling inserts by the Rapid Prototyping (RP) additive manufacturing process. Tool inserts can now be built in just a few hours, and tooling performance can be easily optimized by adding conformal cooling channels into the CAD data, which is made directly into the tool.

CNC machining
With its spot-on accuracy, CNC machining can use a variety of materials, from ABS Plastic to Titanium, and everything in between. CNC production is flexible, consistent and fast.

CNC routing
Allows us to accurately and efficiently cut patterns—simple or intricate. Computer-enabled routers provide industry-leading capacity and offers broad flexibility to machining capablities. This significantly enhances our packaging services.

Vacuum forming
Both an art and a science, vacuum forming allows us to produce high-quality plastic parts for such uses as Point-of-Purchase (POP) displays, blister packs, clamshells and insert trays

Injection molding
Our injection molding methods include epoxy, aluminum and steel molds. Let us help you decide which is the ideal method for completing your project.

Metal stamping
Allows us to produce your metal parts in low volume to check for function or life-cycle testing. From there we can do full production runs.

We are also a competitive source when it comes to assembly operations, able to customize and coordinate assembly teams who are experienced in a wide array of industries.

Contact us at (847) 840-8623 or info@rpmproto.com. We will help you determine the best path to a successful product that meets your unique needs and budget.


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